Manual Bays

Zippy’s operates the best Manual Bay wash equipment available, and provides only the best quality soaps and waxes.


Zippy’s Manual Bays are simple to use. The bay meter accepts gold coins only (There is a change machine out front to change coins and notes if you require).  Deposit coins, at the bay meter and the machine will provide you with time.

In that time you can select between as many of the wash functions as you can. The machine dispenses all products from either the wash gun (Pull the trigger) or the foam Brush (always rinse this with the gun before use).  Need more time- just put in more money. Start at the top of the menu board, and work your way to the bottom.

Tips: Use Presoak. Put a good coverage on your car, and allow it to soak. This will gently loosen all the grime. This is important. To end up with a shiny car it must be clean. Start each function at the top of the car and work your way down and around. High Pressure clean the car slowly – concentrating on getting the entire car. This will remove the bulk of the grime.

Foam Brush the car – Will remove the remainder of the grime. Rinse the brush with the gun first. Make sure there is foam coming from the brush. Make sure your car is wet. Only use light pressure. Used correctly these quality, Natural Fibre, hogs hair brushes will not scratch your car.

Waxes – Apply the waxes through the gun, and covering the car from top to bottom. They will leave a brilliant shine, and protect your cars surface from the elements. Finish the wash with our Spot Free Rinse. This is a pure water rinse, which is made on site and will dry clear on your car. Start with the roof, in a sweeping action drive all the wash water off. Then spray the Windows, and the cars panels, paying attention to all the sills and gaps where dirty wash water may have collected. And don’t forget your mirrors.

Sound Easy?

It is. And it’s Quick. How much does it cost? Depends on how quick you are. Sometimes you might want a quick rinse clean, sometimes a full deep grime clean. Typically it will cost between $6 and $15 to give you a spotless car. All depending on what you decide to do. Need more time – insert more money. It is that easy.

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