Auto Washes

They are like a dishwasher for you car. Zippy’s Two Touch Free Autos will ensure your car is clean and you are on your way in a zip! Zippy’s has three wash options.


Express –$12-00  A Gentle Touch free clean, a Clear Coat Protectant, and finishing with the “Pure Water” spot free rinse that will dry clear on your car.

Deluxe –$15.00 The same gentle cleaning cycle as the Express, but with the addition of an under body wash, a triple shine conditioner pass which prepares the cars surface for the application of the wax, and the ultimate DuraShield Plus Car Protectant. Together these products will give your car a Brilliant shine and protect your car from the elements. This wash cycle finishes with the “Pure Water” spot free rinse that will dry clear on your car.

Ultimate –$18.00  The same brilliant wash and shine as Deluxe, and after the Spot Free rinse blowers will remove most of the excess water from the cars surface. Zippy’s Ultimate wash.

Touch Free – How does it work: Zippy’s Touch Free machine is a state of the art car washing machine, which provides a touch free wash to your car. It is perfect for cleaning cars with a modern shiny paint finish and that are washed on a regular basis. The secret is a combination of special high quality soaps, and warm water that is applied to your car, which will gently loosen the build up of road grime and dust. This is then blasted away using high pressure water coming from the laser guided boom as it passes around your car – without touching you car – that’s right. All that touches your car is the high pressure water – it really is that gentle. Once the surface is clean, depending on the wash cycle you have selected, a package of protectants, waxes and polishes is applied. These adhere to the vehicle surface, and the excess is washed away. This will leave your car with a thin, shiny protective coating. You drive away with a car looking show room shiny. All washes feature a last rinse pass of special spot free water which is made onsite. This water will dry clear on your car. It’s easy. Wash cycles take between 5 and 7 minutes. And with two machines, we will keep your waiting time to a minimum. Like our name say’s, “Zippy”.


Easy To Use:

Pull up to the Entry Vendor in front of the Auto Bay. This accepts Gold Coins, Notes, gives Change, and also accepts Visa and Master Card. Select which wash option you are after, Pay using your preferred method, request a receipt, and when the green Enter Arrow lights up – enter the bay slowly, until the machine tells you to Stop, Put your car in Park, and put the Handbrake on. The Wash will start its cycle, and all you have to do is wait till it tells you its finished. Easy. Ohh – don’t forget to wind up your windows!!!

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