Why use a carwash?

Why use a carwash

Not only is our carwash easy to use, leaving your car protected and shiny – it is the most environmentally safe way to clean your car.

Zippys Carwash uses special environmentally sound soaps and waxes in cleaning and shining your car. Our dirty wash water passes through a filtration process before either being recycled to use again at the car wash, or being sent to sewer. This special treatment is environmentally sound, and each year we remove tons of sludge from the site – the remnants of what comes from the cars we wash.

Washing your car at home in the driveway or on the road, sends your sludge and wash pollutants down the storm water drain – polluting our water ways and harming or even killing plants and wild life. And it stinks.

So please – use a carwash. Its easy, its quality, its inexpensive, and its environmentally clean.

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